Peace. Real peace.

Lasting inner peace is the key to healing, and applying pain and stress consultant Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method quickly and easily brings this.

Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a maze with walls that are constantly changing or you feel you’re stuck in traps and conflicts you cannot extricate yourself from, applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method gives you the tools to quickly free yourself to be whole to make healthy and wise choices. In addition, you may be dealing with chronic stress, a chronic illness, or autoimmune disease.
Many people are stuck in mental and emotional traps that keep them from feeling a high degree of self-worth. By applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method, you can feel 100-percent valuable all the time.

Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method works on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fronts all at once resolving major interwoven conflicts. When Judy was suffering from an autoimmune disease for months, unable to walk, drive, or write her name, she used this method to rapidly remove fear, pain, and guilt from her traumatic memories. The method includes a unique biofeedback technique, which she did every day many times. Her flashbacks ended in 10 days! She continued her method, and 2 weeks later all the debilitating physical pain disappeared! She was in remission.

In 1987, David Baron, psychiatrist, became a consultant for her making it possible for her to be a guest consultant in medical treatments centers and privately for others with chronic stress, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Later he wrote the introduction for two of her books.

Dr. Baron is professor, Department of Psychiatry, and assistant dean, International Relations, Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
Through using Judy Leighton’s easy-to-use yet comprehensive approach, you can quickly exit the dark tunnels of your life into the sunshine of grace, compassion, love, peace and joy.

Judy Leighton’s deep compassion and her desire to end needless suffering in others have driven her to share the Sunshine Method in her books and CDs.

The best thing about Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method is that it really works, even when many other avenues have been tried and turn out to be dead-ends. Real peace is possible.

Judy Leighton has authored three books. Each is an invitation to experience the Sunshine Method.

She has also created two CDs—one for children/young people and one for adults—to help them apply the Sunshine Method.

Read a brief introduction to Judy Leighton’s story and the origins of the Sunshine Method or learn more about Judy Leighton by reading her biography page.
“The beauty of this approach to emotional pain relief
is its simplicity . . .”
— Dr. David A. Baron,
professor, Department of Psychiatry,
Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles