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Judy Leighton

Judy Leighton and the Sunshine Method

In 1985, Judy Leighton, a pain and stress consultant, developed
a new stress-reduction and healing method ---the Sunshine Method.

This healing method helped Judy free herself from horrifying flashbacks
of fear and pain she had suffered nearly her whole life.

It also helped her heal from a life-threatening illness with no known cure.

She was free of the flashbacks in ten days and was healed from her
illness after two more weeks.

The Sunshine Method can aid you to more quickly recognize and release
yourself from interwoven mental and emotional traps---those "binds"
that keep you stuck.

This method also aids you in more quickly accepting you are
100-percent valuable (healthy self-worth) because you have the
gift of life and helps you to rapidly release and remove
fear and pain from your memories.

As a guest consultant, Judy has demonstrated the method
at medical centers and public seminars. She also has
conducted private sessions.

Her method has benefited a wide variety of people through
pain and stress relief (such as those with cancer, various
other chronic diseases, PTSD, abuse, panic attacks, eating disorders,
addictions, and learning disabilities and those who have
attempted suicide). The method also benefits those with the
problems and stress of everyday life and may also benefit
those who have just been charging their way through life.

This simple-to-apply method includes silently repeating patterns
of connected thoughts and feelings that may assist people in feeling
safe enough to think clearly in order to make and follow
through on healthy choices.

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